Succession Planning

New generations of employees and customers require different leadership skills. 

Succession Planning graphic

The executive skills and knowledge that serve financial organizations for the next 10 years will be significantly different from the skills and knowledge that delivered success for the last 10 years.

Simply look at how the INC 500 and Fortune 500 businesses have shifted in the last 5 years. Selecting the next leader can be a challenging process without some idea of what it will take to lead in the near future.

Among the many items offered in this succession planning consulting program:

  • Evaluation of the skills needed for the next seven years of leadership

  • Managing heir-apparent expectations

  • Where to locate the top talent

  • Design the transition

  • Set the direction for the transformation

This program will cover the changes happening and reasons why certain skills will be of higher value in the next generation of leaders.

Banking Agility will speak to the politics of the heir-apparent, and when it is right to go outside of the organization. In today’s business climate, succession is more about transformation than the historic basic transition. The program will help you to properly position your organization for lasting success.