Millennial Leaders: Crossing the Generation Gap

Mind the Gap

For years leadership programs have been teaching Baby Boomers how to lead the next generation of workers. Now that next generation is occupying leadership positions and having to earn the respect of Boomer Gen X and Millennial employees.

Millennial leaders in banks and credit unions must learn to cross the generation gap to get the cooperation of the boomers who are resisting retirement, Gen X employees who see Millennials as upstarts, and create strategies that minimize generational conflict.

This interactive presentation invites attendees to keep their electronics on and connected while we discuss the following:

  • Identifying the complexities of managing a multi-generation workforce
  • Building communication and cooperation
  • Creating strategies to minimize generational conflict
  • Teaching old dogs new tricks
  • Flexing on the go to keep all employees engaged
  • Abandoning “one-size-fits-all” thinking
  • Embracing the four successful leadership styles of Millenials

This program is designed for leaders in banks and credit unions who are managing older employees or who are relatively new in a leadership position. Attendees will have a lively discussion as well as learn information and practical ideas that can be implemented immediately.