Leadership in a New Reality

Employees, like customers, have never been more demanding with higher expectations of organizational leaders than in today’s world.

Leaders have to be able to pre-act to problem situations before the problems can derail the momentum needed to succeed at the speed of business today.

Do your managers appear to always be playing catch up? 

This content-driven program will guide bank and credit union leaders to find the necessary tactics, strategies, and abilities to create sustained high performance in the people they lead. The positive tide of a booming economy will lift everyone to profitability, even those managers with only basic skills. It is when the economic tide goes out we find out who has been swimming naked.

Leadership in today’s economy is a new reality. A redefined leader is needed in these new economic times more than ever before. Simple management principles are no longer enough to generate an organization’s desired agility and profitability.

Developing leaders is essential to meeting those demands and expectations. Regardless of the economy, competition is relentless and only the best will rise up. This program will help your leaders take their teams to the top.

Program Contents:

  • Ruler, dictator or leader? A self-assessment
  • Become a change agent, not a change obstacle
  • How to sound a rally call people respond to, not run from
  • How to make uncertainty your comfort zone
  • Being decisive in indecisive times
  • Innovation comes frequently from those not in authority — create an innovation zone
  • Sharing the credit and shouldering the blame — how to become the leader everyone wants to follow
  • Creating a talent retention program
  • How to move from a process thinker to an idea generator
  • When to pull the plug on the excuses of poor performers