Strategic Planning

Our strategic planning advantage is paramount in today’s economy.

Profit improvement is the result.

Banking Agility representatives will review your prior strategic data and critical measurements of success information and then prepare appropriate assessments for the organization. Once the assessments have been administered and evaluated, we Strategicwill meet with the executive team to discuss the assessment results and establish current capabilities for strategic accomplishments. We then work with your executive team to define the direction of the organization and how we plan to increase agility while achieving targeted goals. Together, we will cover the following steps:

  • Internal focus: We take a deep look into every facet of your financial organization’s operations. From the customer experience, to leadership development, to streamlining processes, to the relevance of your banking products and services.
  • External examination: You don’t operate in a vacuum. We will investigate all the outside forces that affect your financial organization growth and outcomes. We will also target specific competitors we will help you blow by with your increased agility. Those we can’t out-spend we  can out-maneuver.
  • Growth capability: We set a course for how fast you should grow for maximum effectiveness. Grow too fast and you damage the process. Grow too slow and you are playing catch up. Everyone needs more loans and targeted loan products.
  • Future-focused projections: We evaluate future trends of your customers and target markets to determine what products and services you should begin to develop now.
  • Agile Advantage strategies: We assimilate all the information we have gathered and together we set specific strategies for the coming year.
  • Goals and timelines: Without accountability, your plan becomes just a document. We will set responsibilities, accountabilities, and targets for critical measurements.
  • Agility action plans: We determine how to immediately put your plan to work to achieve future success, and set accountability audits throughout the year.

As we work through this strategic model and evaluate the organization, we will continuously ask ourselves these questions:

  1. Does this support our strategic direction?
  2. Does this help us create greater agility?
  3. Does this create greater success in the modern economy?

Banking Agility has the strategic planning model for creating the agility for your bank or credit union necessary for realizing success at the pace of business today.