I Have the Need for Speed

  Anyone else remember the old beer ads where people would fire back and forth, “Tastes great! Less Filling!”? When I hear financial leaders talk about mobile platforms versus branches, I see the same dynamic, debating the relative merits as if they are separate strategies. Customers want simple, easier, secure and faster. They want what best fits into their lives. So branches AND mobile are the future, yet each has… Read More »

Forget Resolutions, What Do You Want to Become?

  This is the time of year people when typically set resolutions for those habits they want to improve on. Lose weight, improve finances and exercise more are the most common for Americans, according to a Harris poll. I suggest we take this one step further and not just describe what you want to do, but define what you want to become. 2014 will be a great opportunity to regain… Read More »

Build Trust in Your Branch

  Building Trust in Your Branch This week I read a wonderful quote: “Trust leaves on horseback and returns on foot.” It’s so easy to lose trust in a hurry and so difficult in today’s society to gain it back. Let’s take two minutes to talk about trust in your financial institution. Building Trust with Customers The more you convince customers they are more than a wallet, the more they… Read More »